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The Predator's Eye


The Predator's Eye

GOES-8 Iinfa Red satellite image of
water vapor in Earth's atmosphere


The Predator's Eye

Welcome to The Predator’s Eye—your source of information about infrared technology and its applications.

Why do we call this site The Predator’s Eye?
Before the 1987 blockbuster movie Predator, few people were familiar with infrared technology. The movie—from the perspective of the invading alien Predator—introduced one of infrared’s coolest features, the ability to see in the dark. In the decades that have followed that movie, the technology has improved and has been applied to a myriad of scientific and commercial uses. And the Predator movie franchise has released 2 sequels and even 2 crossovers where Predator and Alien (from the 1979 franchise by the same name) battled for top dog status!

We hope this site will be both informative and fun as you learn more about this amazing technology and how it is changing life as we know it. If you have questions about the topics we cover here or would like to become one of our sponsors, we encourage you to contact us at: ThePredatorsEye@gmail.com.

Our Mission

Discover the many aspects of infrared and thermal imaging and that will help us make better use of our resources.

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Please contact us to offer stories, information, and different ways that may help share information about thermal imaging..

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